How to create YouTube channel and earn money?

Hi friends and welcome to our blog web-educator. Today we will talk about a very important Article which is How to create YouTube channel and earn money? After this information, you can also make YouTube Channel and earn money.

YouTube is the Google Group’s video content platform, on which videos are available on various topics in all languages of the world. Only YouTube users load these videos on their channels. Google shows some advertisements in between these videos on YouTube which it earns. A part of this revenue is also given to the channel owner.

Apart from this, the popular means of earning online is blogging. To create a blog, you need a Domain Name and Web Hosting, but a YouTube channel can also be created without them. To create a YouTube channel, initially, all you need is a camera and a laptop/desktop.

Many channel operators are full-time YouTubers nowadays and this has become the medium of their living. Apart from YouTube, you can also publish your videos on Instagram and Facebook and earn money. For the time being, in this post, we will focus on the YouTube channel and its revenue.

In this article, we will know which category of publishers can earn money from YouTube? And how much money can you make every month from an average YouTube channel?

How is YouTube Channel formed?

YouTube channel

To create a YouTube channel, you first need to have basic knowledge of the Internet, then the most important thing is to have a Google Account. If you already have a Google account, then you go to the YouTube website and click on the Create Channel option and get started. After this, you have to follow the guidelines given on the screen and provide the necessary information.

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You also have to decide the channel’s NICHE, for example, your channel is going to upload videos related to a particular area or subject. Try to invest time in one area only, such as music, technology, sports, food, etc. There are some examples. Do not try to cover every subject at once, if you have more than one topic, and then create separate channels for it.

Initially, the information you have to input to make a YouTube channel is the name of the channel, the logo of the channel, the description of an exact C channel. We will understand all this in detail in the steps below.

Write a good Channel Description:

Write a small description to your audience in the About section of the basic information about the channel. There is no need to write a long description, write short and precise details in brief.

Do not put too much information and unnecessary links etc. in the description of your channel. An email address can also be written in the EMAIL FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES field below the description so that your visitors can contact you via email.

Lastly, you also have the facility to add LINKS, where you can add links to your blog, website link, Twitter handle, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Make Channel Art & Icon:

For the decoration of the channel, you add an icon and channel art; it gives a different feel to your audience. Also, you get help in branding.

Channel icon: It should be of 800 X 800-pixel size, in the display, it looks 98 X 98 pixels and adjusts according to the size of the device.
Channel Banner: An image of 1546 X 423-pixel size is suitable for a channel banner. It looks well on both desktop and mobile screens.

Many channel operators do not give much importance to channel art and icons, but this is very important from a branding perspective. It quickly goes home in the memory of the people and there is a lot of support in increasing the fame of the channel.

How to make money from YouTube?

Earning money from YouTube is a tempting option; many people nowadays live their lives by running full-time channels. But how is this possible? We will know this below. Along with this, the various options are also given below on the YouTube platform.

YouTube Ads / Google AdSense:

When the number of viewers and subscribers on your channel increases and your videos become more watched, YouTube gives you the option to monetize the channel as a YouTube Partner Program. After that, you are given ads by YouTube / Google in between videos on your channel, which just after watching or clicking on them, Revenue starts getting added to your AdSense account.

When that amount reaches the minimum of $ 100, you can easily withdraw it in any of your bank accounts.

YouTube Channel Monetization has not been easy nowadays, for that your channel has to fulfill the below-mentioned condition.

  • The channel has more than 1,000 subscribers
  • Age limit 14 years old
  • Your public videos have been viewed over 4,000 hours in the last 12 months.
  • For more information, open this page of Google / YouTube quiz and read.

By Membership of the channel:

If your channel has crossed 30000 and you are already participating in the YouTube partner program then you also get the option to sell the channel membership.

This option is available only to select channels, which produce high-quality video content and follow all the conditions of YouTube. Therefore, you should apply by reading the terms and conditions carefully.

Via YouTube Premium:

With YouTube Premium, viewers pay YouTube some money every month, allowing them to watch YouTube original videos without advertising. This not only improves the viewers’ experience of watching videos but if a premium member watches videos of your channel, then YouTube also pays you some money out of that subscription amount.

You also have to keep in mind here that the quality of your video and the audience will be interested in it, only then your channel will be valued by the premium members and your earnings will increase.

By selling promotional material:

You can also sell your products on your YouTube channel as the channel grows. If you only run entertainment channels or service-related channels, you can sell branded T-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, etc. through your channel.

You can create your own channel store and also pin 12 products to the video. In this way, your product will be visible to the viewers below the video, where they can also click and buy them.

By Affiliate Marketing & Paid Video:

You can also add some affiliate links in the description of your video where you can get some earnings or commission if viewers click on it. Keep in mind that you only add affiliate links related to videos and videos.

For example, if your video is based on a recipe, then you should put affiliate links in the video description, such as kitchen items, cooking books, etc.

Paid Video: After the fame of your channel, a company may contact you for the promotion of their product or service and also pay you a lump sum for their use. In such a situation, you have to make a video showing the advantages of their product and put it on your channel.

The special thing to keep in mind is that you should promote any product only if you believe in it.

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Nowadays making a YouTube channels is very easy, in this you do not even need to spend hosting and it also makes good money. You just have to concentrate on creating interesting and interesting content. Once you start uploading good videos on a regular basis, soon your channel will start earning you money.

There is a need to be patient in the beginning, many people start making channels and expect to earn from day one. Which is hurried, you have to give both time and effort only then the wheel will spin. But once you turn around, then you will not need to look back.

The revenue from YouTube channel can be a few thousand rupees per month from zero, but some channel owners also earn 10 to 15 lakh per month. You will earn according to your hard work.

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