What is Chrome Extension and how to Install it

Today we will tell you what is Chrome extension – Chrome extension is and if you want to get information about How to Install Chrome Extension to android phone, then you are reading the right post; in this post, we will give you complete information in detail.

You all know that Google Chrome Browser is used to access the Internet, now Chrome is used on both computer and mobile so that you can search for information on the Internet, if you are looking for How to use Chrome Extension on Android I know, if you want to know, please read about it.

We will give you such details in our post today, which you cannot do, if you want to know about how to use Chrome extension, and read our post, we hope that you will answer all your questions today. We will see you in the post.

The Google Chrome browser extension is similar to software designed for the Chrome extension feature that is not available in the mobile Chrome browser; you should install it as any other software in the Google Chrome browser if you want to know more about it. So let’s first know Chrome Extension.

Just as there is software on computers, there are mobile apps, in the same way, there are some small Chrome Browser programs called Chrome Extension, on the Internet you will find many free extensions, and some paid extensions will be available.

If you want, you can buy that extension. Chrome Extension is a small application used by downloading and installing in Chrome, they can also be called Web Application.

If you install an app in Google Chrome from a web store, then that app or extension is added to Google Chrome, which you can use in Google Chrome Browser.

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How to Install Chrome Extension.

Installing any computer extension is very easy. Extension installed from Google Chrome itself. You can add an extension temporarily. If you don’t know about it, you can install the extension by following our steps. So let’s find out about this.

To add or install Chrome Extension, you must first go to the Chrome Web Store. If you want to go to the Chrome Web Store from your computer’s Chrome browser, follow our steps.


  • Open Chrome browser: – Open Chrome browser on your computer first.


  • Click on Three Dots: – You will now see three dots on the top right, click on it.


  • Multiple tools: – After this, you will see an option for many tools below, tap on it, and click on the extensions option.


  • Find more extensions: – You will now have an open page in front of it, at the bottom, of which Extensions Appear and click on it.


  • Show Extension: – You will have another page open in front of you, where you will see many extensions; you can add extensions, themes, games, apps, or anything here.


  • Search: – You will see the Search Box on the top left; you can search for any applications by entering a name there.


  • Install In Chrome: – After the search, you will have many extensions in front of you, you will have to click Add To Chrome in front of your extension there.


  • Install Extension: – By clicking Add to Chrome Button, you will have a pop-up window open in front of you, here you will be asked for permission to add Extension, you must click on Add Extension here.

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As soon as you click Add Extension, then your extension will be added to your Chrome Browser, the Icon of which will start appearing on the top right side of your Chrome. So this way you can easily do a lot of things by simply adding a Chrome browser extension.

 How to install Chrome extension on mobile

See if you think you can use Chrome Extension in your mobile phone’s Chrome browser, then you think it’s wrong that the Chrome browser on the Smartphone doesn’t support the extension when you use the Chrome extension on your mobile phone. If you want, you will have to install YANDEX BROWSER for this, you can easily download YANDEX BROWSER from the Google Play Store which supports the Chrome extension, and who can stop you from it.

How to use Chrome Extension

Using Chrome Extension is much easier if you successfully install Extension in your Chrome browser. So you get an extension icon in the Chrome browser header where you can easily use it

The conclusion

Chrome extension is a Chrome browser charge, which we can also call the bully app. The Chrome extension is installed in the Chrome browser and to install it you have to go to the Chrome Web Store where there are many Chrome extensions. Most of these extensions are free and some are paid and you can use all of these Chrome extensions in the Chrome browser only.

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