What is Twitter? How to create an account on Twitter and how to increase followers on Twitter.

Hello! If you too were searching here and there on the internet to get information on how to increase followers on your Twitter account, then you are reading the perfect post, in this article today we are going to give you information about how you can increase your followers’ on Twitter account. In our article, we will show you a very good and effective way with which you will be able to increase the real followers on your Twitter.

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 How to increase followers on Twitter?

There are many websites and applications that give you this service to increase followers on Twitter. With the help of which you can increase your followers on your Twitter or any social media, but those followers are of no use to you. You will not get any kind of comment from unfollowers, but you read this article, we have given very good ways in it, with the help of which you can get many followers or not but good followers, you can use the following methods to make Twitter followers.

  • Daily Posting: You keep posting a few pictures or tweets on your Twitter account every day so that you have a
  • Likes Comment: Like comments on big celebrity photos
  • Follow Celebrity
  • Hashtag: You must use a similar Hashtag with your post, which gives you a good boost and you are more likely to get followers.
  • Re-tweet the post you like.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a social media platform, where usually you will get to see big celebrities. Twitter is a very good way to get your talk to a great personality because there you will not see such useless things as You get to see on Facebook Instagram and the rest of social media! If you want to convey some of your important things to a leader or celebrity, then you make a tweet from your Twitter account and mention the man in whom the tweet will reach,

How to create an account on Twitter

To create an account on Twitter, you must have a mobile number or an email address! If you have any of these things, then you can create your account on Twitter in a few minutes. We have explained the ways to create an account one by one below.

STEP 1: – First of all download the tutor application from the play store or you can also use the twitter.com website! We have created an account using the application in it, both have the same work

STEP 2: – After downloading the application, open it, I will see the option of Sign in and click on Sign Up for Sign Up! Now the next page will open in which you have to enter basic information

  • Enter your full name in the Full Name box.
  • Enter Email in Email Address Box.
  • Enter the strong password in Create A Password Box.

STEP 3: – Add your mobile number which is running because after entering the. Mobile Number, OTP will come on your mobile, which has to be verified for your mobile number account! A Verification Link must have come in your email too, you can also activate your Twitter Account by clicking on it!

STEP 4: – Enter your favorite USERNAME, as my name is Manoj, then I will do my name like @ manoj072, remember that the username you are taking should also be available.

STEP 5: – Put your profile photo and fill in some of your below information like date of birth and other information about yourself! And some people will also be asked to follow, if you want, you can also follow them!

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Congratulation! Your Twitter account has been successfully created, now you can run it easily by using the Twitter account, you can enjoy many benefits like if you have to file a complaint to a big leader then you can just write your complaint on your Twitter account To whom you wish to lodge a complaint, you can tweet it by putting the name of the person @ and in this way your complaint will reach those officials.

We have given complete information about Twitter in this article. What is Twitter? How to create an account on Twitter and how to increase followers on Twitter. If you liked this article, you can share this link with your friends. Thank you!

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