What is Web hosting and Type of web hosting?

What is Web hosting and Type of Web hosting? This question must have come into your mind then. When you might have heard someone talk about web hosting! And you must also have come to mind that what is web hosting in the end? You are going to get answers to all the questions related to web hosting in this article. What is Web hosting and Type of web hosting?

You must have seen a lot of websites on the internet. It must have come in the minds of many of you that it maintains all these websites. Does one person keep all these websites under his control if you too are thinking something similar, so you are not wrong, every website has one owner?

You must be thinking that I have to know about web hosting, it is related to the website. Contact with website and hosting, if you also want to create a blog or a website, So you will definitely need web hosting,

Because you have created a blog/website, but to get your website in front of the world, you need web hosting. Hosting simply means a type of server, which keeps your website, connected 24 Hours Electricity this leads to, that anyone can open your website anytime, anywhere.

Shared Hosting is like a rental house, Just as you pay money to live in another house, similarly you have to pay to the hosting company to keep your blog/website connected to the server for the 24th hour.

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To take any business online, we need a website or blog that we can connect with Domain Name and Hosting to make our website viewable in front of the world, which people will know about our blog. is.

We can consider Hosting as a type of computer that is connected to 24 Hours Electricity and to take the website online requires a lot of hosting which keeps the website connected to 24 Hour Electricity and hosting. There are many types of hosting, so let us know how many types of hosting are there.


Type of web hosting?

There are 4 types of web hosting

1.            Share Web Hosting

2.            Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

3.            Cloud Web Hosting

4.            Dedicated Hosting

What is Share Web Hosting – Advantages and Disadvantages of Share Web Hosting?

Share web hosting

Share hosting is the name of that server! With which many blogs and websites are connected, that is, having more than one blog or website by doing one server is called Share Web Hosting.

For example, You must have heard the hostel’s name, many of you must have lived in the hostel too. So you have 3 to 4 students or your friends in one room. Similarly, there is also Share Web Hosting Which is that many websites/blocks are linked on the same server?

Share web hosting is made for

Share Web Hosting is used by new bloggers. If you also want to create a blog or a website! So use Share Web Hosting, because share web hosting gets you very cheap, Share Web Hosting can handle up to 1,000-2,000 daily visitors.

Benefits of Share Web Hosting

•             Share Hosting is available for very little money!

•             Its setup is very easy.

•             If you want to start a new blog, So you choose share hosting.

Disadvantage of Share Web Hosting

•             It’s only you get ram limited!

•             If your web server is shared with any other person, then due to overloading his blog, your blog is also likely to be slow.

•             As you know, this is share hosting. So its security is also not very special.

What is VPS (Virtual Private Server) – its advantages and disadvantages?

VPS Hosting

The virtual private server is also known as Virtual Dedicated Server! Many people also know it by this name! You can think of this server as a hotel room! That is, as long as you are in that room! No one else can come, this is the opposite of share hosting! VISUALIZATION TECHNOLOGY is used in VPS hosting! Due to which your server’s security increases even more and due to lack of share, the performance of your blog/website becomes very good.

What are the benefits of VPS hosting

Advantage of VPS Hosting

•             Your blog has great loading capacity in virtual private server hosting!

•             There is no share of server in VPS!

•             You can also change things to a great extent! Like Bandwidth, memory, etc.

•             In this, you also get good security!

Disadvantage of VPS Hosting.

•             If you are a new blogger! So don’t use it!

•             share hosting It’s a little smiling to use!

•             Its price is higher than share hosting

What is Cloud Web Hosting- advantages and disadvantages of cloud hosting

Cloud web hosting

This provides a lot of load-balanced server to the hosting customer! A website hosted on a cloud server is very reliable! It takes special attention to security! By which your blog website is kept secure, all hardware resources are present in it.

The benefit of Cloud Web Hosting

•             This hosting is much better than others

•             It has a very good ability to handle big traffic.

•             There are very few chances of its server going down!

Disadvantage of Cloud Web Hosting

•             According to VPS and shared hosting, it is more expensive!

•             This hosting does not provide the facility to access Root in the server.

What is Dedicated Hosting- Its Advantages and Disadvantages

The opposite of dedicated hosting share hosting is the opposite! Servers are shared in share hosting! But it is not done! In this, the entire server is given to one customer, and the same person’s file is uploaded to the dedicated server, no one else, because of being a server, its security and loading capacity is very good. Big bloggers do it! Because he has a lot of traffic on his blog! Which is dedicated hosting with great comfort

Advantage of Dedicated Hosting

  • Your full control is on it
  • How can you handle this server any way you want
  • Talking about security, there is no problem with security in this.
  • You can take care of this server yourself

The disadvantage of Dedicated Hosting

  • This hosting is very expensive due to having a server of its own.
  • If something goes wrong with security, then you will be responsible for it yourself.
  • You must have a lot of knowledge to use it

Where you should Buy Web Hosting

You have learned a lot about web hosting, now it will be in your mind that from where you should buy web hosting , though many companies provide hosting, now it comes to know how to buy which hosting, the best way is to choose to host from your country!

If you are from India, then you should get a server from India as most of your visitors will be from India, then they will not have much trouble in accessing your website, because your web server is from India, then your blog page will load soon. it happens! But if you live in India and take Hosting Server (USA), then your visitor has to face more trouble because if any visitor of India will visit your blog from India then your server is United States of America (USA) Will go to India from there, so the loading capacity of your blog is greatly reduced.

We are suggesting  below  the name of some of the best hosting proving company whose service is very good.

•             HOST GATOR

•             GO daddy

•             Big rock

•             BLUE HOST

•             Hostinger

The 5 Hosting names given above give very good service to you. If I talk about my blog, then our blog is running on the server of Hostinger, their service is very good.

While taking HOSTING, we need 3 things which we should take after looking at it.

1.            Disk space

2.            Bandwidth

3.            Customer Service

Disk space

While taking hosting, we should see how much Ram its space is, how many files you can store in it.


The ability to access data in a second is called Bandwidth, if your hosting has less Bandwidth then your blog has more chances of being down, so take Bandwidth in Hosting.

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Customer Service

While hosting, it must be seen how its customer service is giving you 24-hour customer service or not, you do not have to pay to talk to customer care of any hosting company,


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